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Friday, March 30, 2012

Working On A Few Things

I seem to have set my WIP's off to the side for a bit....there is one or two that I need to get finished but I'm finding that there are a few more things that hold more importance right now.  Like The Love Squared Project, there are some lovely ladies who have yarn businesses in Kentucky who started this project, asking that folks send in 7x9 squares.  They put the squares together and make afghans, once the afghans are finished they will be donating them to those who have been effected by the devistating tornado's that have recently hit Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee.  Recently I wrote about a gentleman from our town that took up donations and drove them to Indiana, I had sent a few things along with him including a crochet baby afghan and it left me with a feeling of wanting to do so much more.  But I'm only one person and knew that I'd never be able to make enough afghans.  I was so thrilled when I came across these ladies.  Below I am including information if anyone who reads this would like to donate to this wonderful cause.

Not sure if you have heard or not, but A Tangled Yarn of Nicholasville, KY has teamed up with Sarabees Little Yarn Shop of Winchester, KY to knit blocks for afghans that will then be given to those who were affected by the tornados in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. The plan is to start with West Liberty and radiate the warmth from there:)

Can you help us?

We need squares/blocks that are 7” x 9” with properly woven in tails. If you are not sure about how to weave in the tails, leave a 6” length to the tail and we will be more than happy to do this for you:) Squares must be made from acrylic as it is machine washable and dry-able. 

PDF patterns for squares are available: Crochet . Knit

The squares/blocks can be brought in or mailed to: 

A Tangled Yarn 
605 N Main St 
Nicholasville, KY 40356


Sarabee's Little Yarn Shop
74 S. Main Street
Winchester, KY 40391

Don’t know how to knit or crochet? Why not donate a ball of yarn for someone to make one for you.

We will be posting updates and pictures here as we progress and receive squares;)

Recently in our little town a close friend of ours lost his sister in a house fire.  Not only did siblings lose a sister a mother lost her daughter and children lost their mother.  It breaks my heart that this family is going through all of this.  My husband has been inspired to get together a charity car show/ donation drive to help ease the burden of costs that the family is now going through.  He's planning on doing the event in June, so I'm trying to gather ideas on what I can do.  I'm planning on making two afghans to raffle off and maybe a few smaller things.  

This past week i've worked on making a few cotton dish cloths for around the house.  Handmade cotton dish cloths have to be the best thing ever.  Not only do that last forever but they do a way better job than the store bought dish cloths.

I also received my package from amazon.  I have been seeing a lot of Bavarian stitch afghans being made and I love love love the stitch so I ordered a book along with some Susan Bates glow in the dark hooks.  I've never used plastic hooks so it's going to be something new for me.  I'm crossing my fingers that I like them, i've yet to get them out and give them a try.
Our little one has made it almost impossible lately to actually sit down and designate one full day to crochet.  I'm now crocheting on the fly...lol.  A stitch here a stitch there while getting him off the stairs, furniture, and such.  He's become an outdoors baby as well so we've been spending most of our time outside when the sun is shinning and it's warm.

That pretty much sums up the past week for me.  I hope everyone has a good weekend and Happy Crocheting.  

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