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Friday, March 23, 2012

Slacking this Week

Boy have I been slacking on my crochet this week.  We've had such beautiful weather that we've spent most of the week outside.  It's been so much fun because everything is new and exciting to our 1 year old.  It's amazing how much you take the same ol same ol for granted, this week I've gotten to look at things through fresh little eyes.  It's really funny how he loves going outside barefoot but he stays on the sidewalk not wanting to touch the grass with his feet.  He pulls it up with his hands and throws it at you but he absolutely doesn't want his feet to touch it.  He's learned new words this week too.  When the dogs are outside he tells them to "git"...lol, and if the ball rolls in the grass he says "git it".  It's so relaxing watching how care free they are exploring their little piece of the world.

While walking around on our back patio barefoot yesterday I got a shock, just as I started to step down I saw this out of the corner of my eye.
Yes I know it's no bigger than a night crawler, do I care? "NO!!"  It's still a snake and I hate snakes.  I don't care if it was harmless it's still a snake.  My older brother told me to stop acting like a big ol girl.  Well I am a girl, I screamed like a girl, and then I grabbed my camera....lol.

Today looks like it's going to be a gloomy day, dark with storm clouds lingering around.  Hopefully we'll get  a bit of outdoor play in before the storms roll in.  Then it's back to the crochet hooks so I can get a few things finished then I can concentrate on some projects that I want to do just for me.
Hope everyone has a good day....and Happy Crocheting:)

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