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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mermaid Tears

I have really found a pattern that I fell in love with.  Bernat has a free pattern for a Mermaid Tears Purse done in the Crocodile stitch also known as the Tears stitch, Dragon Tears stitch and many other names.  No matter what it's called it's a beautiful stitch.
I finished up my very first Mermaid Tears Purse today.  Now my list is growing with people who want them.  But their gonna have to wait because I have a couple afghans that I desperately need to get finished.
Since my 12 year old daughter claimed this while it was in the making I decided to do a different kind of flower.  The one that came with the pattern just didn't seem to fit her personality.  She's excited that she has something to carry her touch screen tablet in.  Now maybe she'll hush about a sleeve for it....lol.
On a non crochet note, since putting out our bird feeder a couple months ago we've been getting  quite the selection of birds.  This beauty was sitting on our fence this morning waiting to have his/her picture taken.  Living so close to 3 ponds and woods is really nice.  We've seen a selection of wildlife the kids love watching the rabbits hop around the empty field behind out house.  Spring is definitely in the air here in Ohio.  Our grass in our backyard already needs mowed, how crazy is that.  But i'm loving every minute of it. 

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