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Monday, March 12, 2012

Changing it up

I started putting the finishing on my quilt'ghan and decided after stretching it out on the floor I just didn't like the way it looked.  I've already altered the pattern to work for me so I figured why not change what I didn't like.  It's a little crazy on my part since i'm so close to being finished but I want it to look right and I just didn't like the way it was turning out.
I've gotten way farther than what it shows in the picture.  But changing things at the last minute has set me back a bit, and the baby has been a bit fussy the past couple days and wanting mommy.  The kids always come first.  The flu bug hit over the weekend and the older kids we're all sick so i'm hoping the baby isn't coming down with it.

I celebrated my 38th birthday on Saturday and little Matthew really enjoyed mommy's ice cream cake...lol  Gonna hate my kids growing up and flying the coup, it's so much fun to celebrate birthday's with all of them around.  We made homemade pizza and enjoyed ourselves.

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