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Friday, March 9, 2012

Help for Henryville

Our daughter's surgery went just fine yesterday and she is home recuperating (let the healing begin).  
We made it home in time yesterday to help donate to the Henryville, Indiana disaster.  We had a couple food boxes ready and hubby took them down to donate, which inspired our two youngest to come home and go through their clothes and stuffed animals and give as well.  It breaks my heart to think about so many people who lost homes, lives, and everything they own in the resent tornado outbreaks.  I gathered together baby clothes that our little one had out grown and while digging through the closet I came across a baby afghan that I had crocheted last year.  I had folded it up and put it away because all of our children have a handmade afghan.  I grabbed it up and stuck it in the box with the baby items.  I hope it brings much comfort and warmth to whomever receives it.  I guess the whole reason i'm writing about this is, it has inspired me to sit down once a month and crochet a baby afghan and set it aside for when something like this happens.  
My hubby talked to the gentleman who started the donations for Henryville and found out he lives right down the street from us.  He's already been to the disaster area and he felt compelled to do something to help, the stories he shared with my husband would break your heart, he's making a return trip to this area taking all of the donations with him and hanging around for the weekend to help clean up, cook a meal or whatever they need from him.  He made a really good point yesterday, he said all you hear all the time is the bad stuff that always happens but when a disaster like this happens your always surprised how people come together.  I love it.  And god bless him for doing what he's doing and to all those affected by the tornadoes you will be in my thoughts and prayers.  Much love to all of you.

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  1. I'm glad surgery went well and speedy healings to her. It is wonderful what you are doing for the victims of the tornado. It's really heartbreaking that this happened but you are going to bring some comfort and make someone's day brighter.