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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Dance Time

I'm doing a happy dance, the quilt'ghan is finally finished.  After a few headaches, a few curse words and threatening to throw it in the trash it's done.  I only used the pattern to figure out how to make the diamond shapes and the graph for placement.  The rest was all me...lol.  It's not perfect but I really don't like afghans that have big gaps in them and if I would have followed the patter exactly that is what would have happened.  So I made sure I made notes on what worked, what I could change and what wouldn't work, so "IF" I ever make another one i'll know what to do.
I have quilt'ghan #2 planned using a totally different pattern, but I have a couple other requested projects to finish first.
Until next time Happy Crocheting:)

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