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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What a Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day we've had here in Southern Ohio, of course their were a few Thunderstorm warnings up but nothing happened in our neck of the woods.  I can handle 68 degrees in February. What a crazy super mild Winter we've had.  But the warmer temperatures have gotten me in the mood for Spring cleaning and airing out the house to get rid of stale air and germs.
I ran out of a certain color yarn for my quilt'ghan and can't wait to pick more up on Friday so I can get it finished.  While waiting to go on a yarn run I started on my step-nieces Daisy afghan, I've gotten all of the 108 little circles finished.  I've worked a little bit on the Round Ripple in shades of brown and I purchased an awesome pattern last night called American Beauty by Donna Kay Lacey.  I hadn't noticed that it was an Experienced pattern until it was purchased and printed out.  It called for a stitch that I've never done let alone heard of (Bullion Stitch).  After trying all morning and ripping apart and trying again I gave up for awhile and walked away.  I picked it up again after dinner and homework were out of the way and i'm moving along nicely on it now.  Guess I just needed some quiet time.  I'm determined to do this square, I saw it a while ago and fell in love with it, and I've learned a new stitch in the process (yea me!!)  That's the one thing I absolutely love about Crochet no matter how long you've done it there is always something new to learn and I love the Experienced patterns because they are a challenge and sometime you need that.

That pretty much sums up what I've been up to the past week.  
Until next time:  Happy Crocheting Everyone!!

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