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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Outside Our Window

This morning Matthew our 1 year old was standing at the living room window giggling like crazy.  Curious as to what he was giggling over I get up and look out and this is what I see.
About 2 weeks ago my mom gave us an extra bird feeder that she had and some bird feed.  It took the birds awhile to figure out it was there but now that they have Matthew loves standing at the living room window watching them every morning.  

On a crochet note, while waiting to get the kids all up for school this morning I sat down with a roll of the cotton yarn that I bought last Friday.  Determined to come up with a crochet dishcloth.  I love using the crochet dishcloths so much better than the store bought cloths.  I haven't yet found a pattern that I like so I was just messing around doing what I thought would look okay.  Here is the end result.
Not the best attempt but not really the worst either since while working on it I came up with other ideas.  I know with enough website hopping I'll eventually find a pattern that I like but until then I guess I'll just do my own thing.  These are so quick and easy to make that I think I've found a new morning routine that will allow me to get in some crochet time and stock pile some dish clothes.
This is also the first time ever that I've worked with cotton yarn and wow I love it.  It's so soft, I can only imagine what an afghan would feel like made from cotton.  It would be a keeper that's for sure...lol.

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