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Monday, January 23, 2012

Round Ripple Addict

I have become a Round Ripple Addict.  I thought I would display some of the RR's that I have done.  I love them because they are so quick and easy and the color combinations are endless.

This one is one of the first ones I attempted.  I made this for my 9 year old little boy in our local school colors.
This was given as a gift to a girl I use to work with for her new addition.
This one was made for my 17 year old daughter in her favorite colors Black and Red.  I did this one working two strand of yarn at the same time.  My camera didn't take a very good picture but it's so pretty.
This one I made for my sister in law in Michigan's Blue and Maze.  Although we are Buckeye fans in this house and I caught flack from the hubby I have to say it turned out pretty good.
This one I gave to my little brother who is a Cleveland Browns fan.
This one was special requested in Harley Davidson colors.  It turned out pretty good as well.

And of course I already posted the one i'm currently working on in shades of brown.  I thought that I would keep it for myself, but my sister in law and I made a deal.  She gets the afghan and I get a vintage picture that she was trying to get rid of.  

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