"Crocheting acts as a mental and physical therapy and there are many beautiful things that are created in the process.” – Today’s Crochet World

Friday, April 20, 2012

Works In Progress

I finished a WIP today that I started about 3 years ago.  While working on it today I realized why I left it sit this long, i'm not much of a quilter.  I just don't have the patience, all the cutting and sewing.  Just not for me...lol.
It's not the fanciest and i'm sure it's sewn wrong but I like it, it's now hanging on the front porch to give a splash of color.

I have so many WIP's I really need to start digging them out one by one and getting them finished.

Until next time.....Happy Crocheting!!


  1. Thank you:)....Sorry i'm just now responding, I didn't realize I had any comments:)