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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Re~purposing old jewelry

I've been wanting some stitch markers because I've recently purchased a few patterns that call for them.  I've looked around and haven't really found any that I like, sooooo I decided to make my own.  I found and old earring laying around the house that my oldest daughter had bought for her first homecoming dance and has lost the mate to.  It worked out perfect for stitch markers and it also serves to mark a special milestone in my daughters life.  Now I'll be looking around the house for more things to take apart and re~purpose.

I finished up another Mermaid Tears purse, I believe this one is number 4.  I used 100% cotton yarn this time.  It turned out pretty good although the cotton was a bit weird to work with at first, after using the Caron Simply Soft so much.  I have a few more of the purses to make then i'll be moving back to afghans for awhile.  I really love making afghans and I honestly haven't picked one up and worked on it for awhile.
Until next time, Happy Crocheting!!

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