"Crocheting acts as a mental and physical therapy and there are many beautiful things that are created in the process.” – Today’s Crochet World

Sunday, March 24, 2013


My absolute favorite thing to crochet is afghans.  Granny squares are my favorite, but I'll try almost any pattern.  Recently I've been asked by a couple people to make specific afghans.  I finished one of these over the weekend and now they have ordered another one in different colors.
I'm also working on a granny square afghan that should be finished tomorrow or the next day.  It's turning out really nice and it's going to be one of those I wish I could keep.

I'm also working on a Sunflower afghan for my mom and mother in law for mother's day.  Hopefully I'll be able to get them finished.
 My daughters boyfriend has been asking for an afghan as well, so I'm going to be very busy for awhile.
But most people know that my favorite thing to crochet is afghans so I'm in crochet heaven right now.

That's it for now, as always Have a wonderful day, and Happy Crocheting:)

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